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    2011 Code R - Straitline or Twenty6 levers available?

    Alright, I have these exact brakes (2011 Code Rs):

    They have plenty of power, and I like them just fine...however I hate the lever. Uncomfortable, and my hands get tired after long descents. My Hayes Stroker Ace's have such a nicer lever feel.

    I want to trash the levers and throw on some new ones that are shaped similarly to my Ace's..but there are so many websites selling Straitline levers with crappy descriptions that I don't want to get stick with ones that won't fit.

    Help me out internet friends!
    X-prezo Super-D, 26in style.

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    This is the Elixir brake lever, so...

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    there are so many styles of elixir brakes im sure they dont all use the same lever design
    maybe contact the seller and ask if theirs will fit your brakes and if they have a return policy in case they dont fit could also take the lever off and take a pic of it and email it to the seller.if they have the levers at your lbs then just ask them to install them for you and have them worry about the fit.i have spend so much money on parts that didnt fit and they end up in a box in the basement its a complete waste of money getting the wrong part

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