I've been riding my 2010 RIP 9 with new Formula Oro K24 brakes since July '10. Haven't had any problems with the brakes at all. I recently changed out the brake pads, and noticed that the rear pad isn't completely engaging the rotor. The top 2-3mm of the pad never touches the rotor at all. This leaves a strong groove as the pads wear.

I took it to my local LBS (a good, high end shop where I bought the bike) and asked them to either change out the rotor or the mount so that it lines up correctly. They couldn't find a rotor, mount, or combination that would work to make the pads fully line up with the rotor.

Has anyone else had this problem with this combo (RIP 9, Oro 24 brakes)? The shop called Formula, but they said to call Niner. I called Niner today, but Eric is out until next week. I'm just curious to see if I'm alone in this issue.

I don't have the money to upgrade to new brakes, and would like to find a good solution for this. So far the only thing I can think to do it to mill the mount down by 2-3mm to make it better match the rotor, but I hate to do something permanent like that.

Any thoughts?