I need to bleed a set 2005 Magura Louise, these brakes do NOT have the EBT port. Do I just need the standard Magura bleed kit? Everything that I'm seeing as far as instructions or youtube video's shows the newer ones using the bleed port (which mine do not have). If I'm correct you take off the top cap on the master cylinder (on the lever end) and hook up a syringe at the caliper and inject the "magura blood" into the lines forcing any air out of the caliper/line and into the master cylinder. I'm assuming you just hold a towel under the master cyliner and over flow it a bit then put the cap with membrane back on hoping to not trap any air bubbles under it.

Do I have the right idea? And will any Magura bleed kit work?

(When I say master cylinder I am refering to the reservoir on the lever...please correct me if I'm using the wrong terminology!)