View Poll Results: are you suffering from the dreaded judder?

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  • my ‘09 marta brakes work 'perfectly'.

    3 42.86%
  • my ‘09 marta brakes judder but i don't mind.

    1 14.29%
  • my ‘09 marta brakes judder and i think magura should do more to resolve this issue.

    3 42.86%
  • my ‘09 marta brakes judder and i want my money back so i can buy some avid XX.

    0 0%
  • my ‘09 marta brakes judder and i wont rest until i get a free t shirt.

    0 0%
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    '09 marta/marta sl judder poll.

    have posted this poll on magura web site, i hope it can give magura a true comment to what its customers are feeling about their '09 marta brakes.


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    I see that magura will now exchange the rotors if desired for the drilled rotors. I guess that is a step in the right direction but does add weight to the system. Hopefully, they will come out with a comparable weight rotor soon that solves the problem.

    Details on the magura web site forum.
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