• 09-02-2008
    07 magura louise bat carbon bleed problems!!!
    just purchased a set of magura louise bat carbon brakes recently and shortend the hose for both front and rear. did not bleed, worked fine! went back over the weekend to shorten them some more and lost alot fluid so i bled them. the front went fine, but having major problems with the rear. before i bled the front i had a weird clicking sound from the front lever which went away soon after bleeding. the rear has the same clicking in the lever and after numerous bleeds, is still there. tried everything, any ideas as to what this might be...driving me crazy! thanks~joe
  • 09-02-2008
    I wonder if it is the BAT mechanism? It basically allows the bite point for the lever to sit away from the master cylinder. When you squeeze the lever, you get some lever travel before the lever actuates the master cylinder, and when they do make contact, you can sometimes hear it. Have you tried putting a drop of chainlube on the little leaf spring on the inside of the lever blade? Just an idea....