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    Scor SHP200 rear shock( what is it comparable to?)

    I'm looking at a 2013 BMC Fourstroke FS03 and it has the SCOR rear shock. It kinda looks like a Monarch RL or maybe even a Fox Float. Maybe BMC contracted FOX or Rockshox to make a custom tuned shock for them?

    Trying to figure out what it's comparable to or if I should just swap it out and factor that into the purchase price.

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    I do not think that this shock is made by any well known brand. Names like Fox and Rockshox are good for marketing. If the shock is made by them it makes sense for BMC to say it out. Also it is unlikely that they made specially tuned shock for the lowest end model.

    This shock might be ok, but more likely you would want to replace it.

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