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    I own a Trailfox TF02 29er , would it be crazy to buy a Speedfox?

    Per the Title of this thread I own a BMC Trailfox TF02 29er. It's a great bike that slays the descents and manages on the climb.

    However that it's climbing capabilities although adequate just could use some improvement.

    I have the bike spec'd out as a 3X10 with a Fox 36 RC2 and a Fox Float X2. In the back.

    I have a Fox 140 Fit RLC 29er fork (which can be fully locked out). If I bought a Speedfox 29er added the Fox 140 as well as a Monarch Plus or Float X would this setup give me the added climbing efficiency that I'm looking for?

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    Again, the Speedfox would kill the descents... but climbing would be even worse than TF02, especially with a 140mm travel fork.

    I suggest making the TF02 lighter (wheels/tires) and upgrade rear shock to Rockshox Monarch RT3...much betta.
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    Pretty sure the Trailfox uses a 200x57mm shock. You could get a second shock at 200x51 and tune the air volume low which would significantly restrict travel. Antonio osuna's calculations on the linkage blog indicate that the TF has only 140mm travel in reality, which leaves the average leverage ratio at 2.46, so a 51mm stroke would give you 125mm travel and the air volume reduction could get that down to 110-115 pretty easily. you could also drop a few volume spacers into the fork when you switch the shock out to reduce effective travel. 2 bikes in one with a 10 minute suspension change!

    The trail fox has a pretty high initial leverage ratio (2.9) so you could go with a standard air can on the 200x51 shock for a bit more firm xc feel, and use a debonair/EVOL type can for the 200x57 shock for more enduro/DH oriented use.

    I'm kind of planning the same set up for a trailfox or trailcrew next year
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    For a 150 class 29er, I've found the Trailfox to be quite a climber once the sus is dialed. That said, it's never going to be a Speedfox 29. You can close the gap by firming up the suspension and trimming a little weight but take that too far and the climb/descend balance will be compromised. Your other obvious option is to get stronger but that's still not likely to deliver the sane experience as riding a light, short travel bike.

    So yeah, makes complete sense to me to add a Speedfox next to your trailfox.

    BTW, I'm sure by now everyone has realized cayenne_peppa was confusing the Speedfox Trailcrew 27.5 with the Speedfox 29

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    Quote Originally Posted by Err View Post
    So yeah, makes complete sense to me to add a Speedfox next to your trailfox.
    Awesome a man with the same twisted priorities. Climbing ability that's the problem I have been having with my Trailfox. I just switched out the Vivid Air for a Float X2 and although the Vivid was an awesome shock on the descents it can't compare to the Float X2 on the climbs. In fact I was so taken by the Trailfox's newfound climbing prowess that it almost makes the idea of buying a the Speedfox passť. However we mountain bikers appreciate small albeit noticeable changes so a mid travel bike isn't off the table yet. I can get a decent deal on Stumpjumper 29 so I may look at that.

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