I've had several different 29ers (both HT and FS) and I'm now Looking into building up a FS02 from the frame with 120 fork. I'll use it for endurance events (50-100 milers) and general trail riding. I've spent a year each on a Mojo HD and a Norco Sight Carbon: I couldn't stand the 26" wheels and the Ibis DW link was never plush. I love the Norco sight - it's extremely poppy and playful, fun in the air, and fine for everything but the most rowdy lines and biggest jumps. Unfortunately, anywhere that I need to pedal to get to, I feel much faster and in control on a 29er.

In any case, here are a couple questions:

1 - Am I correct that the FS is built around a 51mm offset fork? (i.e. G2)

2 - Anyone ever put a CC DB Inline on a Fourstroke? The weight difference between that and the Fox CTD seems to be less than 100g and theoretically it would perform better.

3 - The fork. While I do want to keep the weight down, I'm hesitant to put a Sid on the bike as I like to run some rowdier trails. It seems that a 120 Revelation is the way to go, but weight difference between a Rev and Pike is minimal. Is there something I'm missing (other than price) or should I just get a Pike?