Hi Guys,

I've had a lot of questions about the difference between the levels within a model (FS01 v FS02 v FS03)

It's actually a pretty simple breakdown. Any given model can have up to three different levels. We only denote a different level if there is a physical difference in the construction method or frame material. For example, the FS01 is full carbon, whereas the FS02 is a carbon front triangle and alloy rear.

The cool thing is that all levels share identical geometry. So the FS01 and FS03 are going to fit the same and use the same hardware (linkage/bearings/bolts). In fact, you could take the swing arm from a FS01, put it on a FS03 and make a FS02.

Also, between these models there is no spec overlap. You will only find XO and XTR on the 01 models and XT/X9 on the 02 models etc.

The only outlier is the Teamelite series. In this model group, the 01 and 02 bikes are both full carbon. However the method for construction is quite different. While the 02 is a classic monocoque construction, the 01 uses a more involved inner mould construction resulting in a lighter, stiffer, frame with more advanced tuning.