• 07-15-2012
    BMC TeamElite TE02 build up
    In this thread I want to share the build up of my new TE02 Frame. The plan so far:

    I want to reuse a lot of my old MTB parts for now since the budget is tight (student). The build will, for first, be a 1X9 setup. So now I have:
    TE02 Frame, brand new and unused, white 2010 colour scheme.
    9sp Shimano XT RD (maybe I'll replace it if I can't put a new cage on it since the old one is rusty at a few places)
    Richey Bar & Stem
    X-Tasy Seat Post, but I either need an adapter to fit the frame or a new 31.4mm Seat post. Not sure yet what I'll do.
    Chain (bought a new one for my old MTB, but never used it)
    Deore 9sp Shifters

    Everything else I need since my old MTB had hydraulic rim brakes and a few components where simply shot.

    Now I wonder if I can use a 120mm Recon Fork I can get cheap or if only a 100mm will fit? I also wonder if 200mm disc brakes would be over kill for someone who never owned disk brakes before? So, what size would you recommend?

    Thank you a lot! And stay tuned for some pictures when I will start building it :thumbsup:
  • 08-19-2012
    How's the progress?

    What chain guide will you use for 1x9 setup?

    How much do you weight? 200mm seems like overkill.

  • 08-20-2012
    Hi Chris,

    So far no real progress since I was away for a longer time, but I hope to go on soon. I am 75kg, but in winters that can get 10 more… (shame on me)

    I didn't plan on a chain guide yet… I only intent to go 1x9 since I have a 9sp XT RD from my old bike and I don't really need more than a 38/39 chainring in the front because I live in a rather flat area.

    Currently I try to decide on a fork and the brakes, not too easy if you are chained to a students budget.
  • 08-20-2012
    First progress: I decided I will use the Hayes Stroker Trail brakes.

    Next on my list: What kind of fork should I take… tight students budget looks for a value fork. I wonder is I remain with BMC's standard 100mm or go with a 120mm fork since I my usual terrain has a lot of big wholes in the ground and big roots on the trails…
  • 09-05-2012
    So: Soon the action will start since I have almost everything. My Parts so far:

    BMC TE02 Frame,
    Rock Shox Reba
    Wheels with Shimano Deore hubs
    Shimano XT 9sp derailleur
    Shimano Deore shifter
    Continental Race King tires (made 90km from my home :D )
    Richey bar and stem
    Hayes Stroker Trail brakes
    2 Danger Saddle off my old bike
  • 09-10-2012
    Today: first picture of the current state

    I now have:
    TE02 Frame
    Rock Shox Reba
    Wheels: Mach 1 rim & Deore Hubs
    Hayes Stroker Trail
    XT 9sp derailleur (from my old bike)
    Shimano Deore shifter (from my old bike)
    Continental Race King 2.2 tires (not shown)
    Richey bar and stem (from my old bike)
    X-Tasy seat post (from my old bike; brand-x adapter 27.2mm to 31,6mm)
    2 Danger Saddle from my old bike
    Sram X5 Crank (not shown)
    XTR cable housing (not shown)
    Clarks cable (not shown)
    Kore Ikon Skinny Lock-On Grips Black (not shown)
    Deore HG-50 cassette and HG-53 chain (not shown)

    so all needed is pedals and pully-wheels:D (and a bit of time to wait for the last parts to arrive…)

    Next step: Sometime this week I will go to the dealer to get the headset mounted into the frame, afterwards I will start building it.

    As soon as my students budget allows I will change most parts that came from my old bike, starting with the saddle. The wheels are also thought to be a temporary solution until something better is on the horizon.
  • 10-14-2012

  • 10-14-2012
    Didn't think I'd like an all white bike. It looks sharp though. What was your final weight after the build?
  • 12-10-2012
    12.5Kg sharp. But I will ditch the bar and saddle this winter I think. Wheels next year maybe.
  • 07-20-2015
    It is that time again: I am rebuilding it from the ground up. Friday I stripped and cleaned the entire frame. I received a SRAM GX 1x11 Groupset, which I matched to a Shimano XTR 11-40 cassette (so I don't have to buy new wheels just yet and the range is ok as it is still rather flat here). derailleur, BB, crank and cassette are already on it.

    Today the fork rebuild will follow, a new pair of red Crankbrothers paddles, a new saddle and we are ready to role for 2 more seasons before I will finally make the switch to a 29er (I will see what is on the market then)

    I will post a picture once it is ready.
  • 02-22-2016
    Sr. Nice bike, may i ask you what's the headset you have on you're bike, cuz, i have 26" team elite02 2012, and i believe it's the same headseat as your's please. I would like to know the brand and model if it's possible, thanks.
  • 07-05-2016
    Hi Kaballero, sorry for the late reply. It is an FSA headset, but I am not sure about the model. I will look when I am home.
  • 07-06-2016
    No problem jm-lh! After so much searching, i just got the FSA Orbit Z No. 9 mcup-cc 1-1/8 semi-integrated 44mm Threadless and it fits like a glove. Thanks for you're reply i I really appreciated!