• 01-28-2013
    2013 Teamelite 03 - new frame?
    In the low res pictures I saw it looks like the bike got a new frame.
    Has anyone seen one up close yet?
  • 01-31-2013
    haven't seen it yet, but I can confirm it is a new frame. There is no TE 26er anymore and the TE29 became the TE03 as to my eyes. The TE01 and TE02 both have carbon frames. The TE03 is now a 29er as well.
    Last year there was no TE03 and the year before it was a 26er. If the 2013 TE03 Frame and the 2012 TE29 differ is something I can not say however.

    Hope I could help a bit at least.
  • 02-02-2013