• 02-02-2012
    Welcome to the Bikepacking Forum - roll call
    I think the time has come.

    Who are you and what do you want to see in this forum?
  • 02-02-2012
    Devian Gilbert
    2010 (i think) Banff to Butte, MN in 7 days at my attempt for the Tour Divide.
    I've done a fair amount of "bike packing", etc...
    my ride of choice is a custom Hunter 29er

    what to see in the forum?

    gear is always a hot topic.

    actual domestic places to ride and camp is a commodity worth highlighting, especially in these economic times.

    explicit and tacit knowledge of the craft.
    this is to say- explicit: technical data and specific procedures of how to use.
    tacit: the experience of the "doing".

    a lot of bike packing comes down to being able to actually use the gear, knock out the miles, not get hurt, and crunch the numbers to achieve the goals.

    however... the tacit side of the craft is your own personal inner journey. I suppose an analogy would be something like... do you really need to carry a tent and thermarest inflatable mattress. Maybe your own personal being can be such that "the yoga, or asana" that you can engage, is such that you can simply lay on the ground and go to sleep.

    maybe you don't need to carry a stove because you are proficient in micro-twig fires, etc...

    francis: good on you for bringing the Bike Packing Forum to MTBR!

    in the world of bicycles, we have touring.
    in the united states we have the Tour Divide.
    out of the bike packing world, I firmly believe that "touring" will never be the same.

  • 02-02-2012
    Here to learn, hopefully make some worthy contributions. Ride the Divide is the goal. Thanks for the forum Francis.
  • 02-02-2012
    Dave Nice here
    5 time divide starter... yet to finish

    done most of the ctr just not in one wack


    lotsa dirt road exploring in AZ, CO, UT, WY, MT, NM

    Most of the time ride fixed

    Just love being way out there weather its dirt roads or single track

    happy to share my .02
  • 02-02-2012
    Chris Murray

    Aspiring CTR racer for this year and maybe TD next if CTR goes well. Also hope to do an extended family tour in a few years. I just like the long slow burn.

    I just hope to learn from those who have been there, done that.
  • 02-02-2012
    I'd be interested in hearing about camping, cooking and survival skills. Gear is good to, but how to travel light and still be able to survive, eat, and handle emergencies t is something I don't recall seeing a lot of discussion about.
  • 02-02-2012
    Finally the forum that has been missing for so long. This will probably be the most interesting forum, along with the fatbike forum, for me.

    I'm a forty year old, from Finland on the top of Europe, an ordinary weekend warrior with thirty nights out last year.

    Trip reports, techniques, gear and general subject related discussions will probably be the main contents of this forum and that is fine by me.
  • 02-02-2012
    ranier - currently in Germania but heading back to CONUS this year

    I did a couple weekenders with a tarp and lightweight sleeping bag. Very bare bones and only in nice weather (read: no rain). Looking to glean some knowledge from other experienced bikepackers.

    Thanks for the new forum francois!
  • 02-03-2012
    Las Vegas, Nv for me. I've only been doing this for a few months (3 outings so far :) ) so really looking forward to the discussions on gear and the trip reports especially the ones from az, ca, nv, and ut.
  • 02-03-2012

    Ready to see some gear reviews and setups.

    Hoping to learn lots and provide what I can.
  • 02-03-2012

    Originally Posted by AZ.MTNS View Post
    Here to learn, hopefully make some worthy contributions. Ride the Divide is the goal. Thanks for the forum Francis.

    Same as above.
    I will be at the start June 8th, 2012 for 'The Tour Divide Race". I am a 53 year old rookie and I have been reading everything I can find on it so keep it coming.

    I have done worldwide bike tours; Tibet, Northern India, Nepal, and Peru.

    My ride is a 2010 Moots Mooto-X Ybb.

    Gear reviews with photos of bike setup would be great as well

    And again thanks Francis.

  • 02-03-2012
    Awesome! My riding buddies and I have always bandied about the idea of an overnighter on the AZ trail, which being family guys is always a bit difficult to coordinate and being in AZ means summer is out of the question but perhaps I can learn from this forum enough to get us all out and back!

    I subscribed to the entire forum. See what I can learn, thanks FC!
  • 02-03-2012
    I'm here to learn, share, and otherwise delve into the joys of bikepacking. I'm a 2010 CTR finisher, a 2011 CTR non-finisher, and a 2011 Kokopelli 24-hour finisher. I'm never going to win a bikepacking race, but I train and ride for the adventure and enlightenment that can be found by pushing hard into the unknown. Thanks to Francis for opening up a new forum!
  • 02-03-2012
    I would be interested in knowing some weekend warrior type places to go, including "must-see" spots. Also, some family friendly (i.e. can tow a trailer with a youngin') spots. I move around a lot and want to raise my kids in the outdoors.

    Maybe a best locations by region type of thing?
  • 02-03-2012
    Denis aka Ze Diesel.

    - Bikepacking adventures:

    - 2011: Tour Divide. From Antelope Wells, NM to Banff, AB. Finished 2nd of the northbound race. Pics here: https://picasaweb.google.com/dchazel...011Day1ToDay13 and here: https://picasaweb.google.com/dchazel...1Day14ToFinish

    - 2009: Cross the French Alps. 500 miles, 10 days. Pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/dchazelle/Alps2009

    - 2008: Cross the Jura Mountains and the French Alps. 800 miles, 17 days. Some pics here:


    - 2007: Southern part of the Great Divide route, from Antelope Wells, NM to Cuba, NM. 600 miles, 10 days. Pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/dchazel...ivideNewMexico

    - 2005: Cross the Central Mountains of France. 500 miles, 10 days. We had some car support so I'm not sure it qualifies as pure bikepacking.


    - Niner MCR (aka Froggy). Was my TD bike.
    - Ventana El Rey
    - Gary Fisher Rig

    Currently living in the MD burbs of Washington DC. Gnarly, rocky east coast riding whenever not bikepacking.

    PS: used to be a longtime semi-lurker under another name but this new forum got my interest rekindled.
  • 02-03-2012
    Go Kart Motzart
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    First, I want to thank Francois for creating the new forum. Second, thanks to bikepacking.net for drawing so much attention to the sport and creating a venue for me to learn and live vicariously through others adventures the last few years.

    I've only done two quick overnighters but I hope to expand on that this year but even if I can't, the planning and daydreaming are pretty fun, too.
  • 02-03-2012
    Stosh (Canada)
    Francois Thank you for the new forum.

    Only a couple of overnighters back in the mists of time Before Children. But a desire to read and learn for the future when the children have left.

  • 02-03-2012
    Never done any off road bikepacking (but lots of ultralight backpacking). I often do day-long adventures and want to lengthen them into multi-days trips. I'm Interested in places to explore this "discipline" within reasonable distance from the bay area.

    Given the surge of interest in events, bikes/gear, and threads, it seems like a good time to start this forum.
  • 02-03-2012
    Jeremy Cleaveland (jeremy11 over on bikepacking.net)
    Some adventures and custom bikepacking bag stuff can be found through the link in my signature.

    CTR is high on my radar for 2012... but we'll see... gotta work up to that one or just start and see what happens. I did the last 120 miles in 39 hours last August. Hardest ride of my life...

    Nowadays I'm just into Mechanical Enginerd school about neck deep.... but am a daily bike commuter (14+ miles/day).

    This should be a fun forum. Trip reports, gear setups, etc.
  • 02-03-2012
    This forum has been overdue since 2004, when the coverage here of the Great Divide Race basically started the sport.

    We have Bikepacking.net, and now we have an MTBR forum. Great. I feel this forum will be the most popluar one here before long.

    Finished the CTR twice. AZT 750 once. AZT 300 once.ITT'd the CT in 2008. Failed in the CTR once. Failed the Grand Loop three times. A lot of practice runs and overnighters as well.

    My store in Idaho Springs, CO sells the only all-natural mineral oil-free chamois cream on the market (Geronimo Pain Cream). It doubles as a super strong pain cream. It was specifically designed for bikepack races.

    I am planning to finish the AZT 750 again in April. It is a very rare jewel and as hard a race as one can imagine. The Grand Canyon hike is off the charts difficult.
  • 02-04-2012
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    Roll Call - South Carolina
    Glad to see we finally have a dedicated forum. I'm looking forward to seeing and sharing adventures!

    Attachment 671311

    Attachment 671312
  • 02-04-2012
    Long time backpacker (AT thru-hike in 2000), even longer-time cyclist (did my first mtb racing in the early 90's), but oddly enough, only combined the two on a few short occasions, many years ago. Time that ought to change!

    I'd like to see local trips. I live in Vermont, and I've been trying to think of some fun multi-day offroad trips, but there just aren't that many long stretches of trail up here. Plenty of dirt road though... need to do more exploring this year...
  • 02-04-2012

    Originally Posted by francois View Post
    I think the time has come.

    Who are you and what do you want to see in this forum?



    Thanks for building this forum, Francois!!

    I was checking out bikepacking.net, but seem to always forget it's there.

    I nominate SelfPropelledDevo for moderator, if he's willing. :thumbsup::D

    Me, I've never done an overnight bikepacking trip. I've just been reading, gathering info, and I did a couple of fully loaded test rides. Cinderella in JMP is a blast when loaded up with 20 pounds of gear, no suspension and rim brakes, I'll tell 'ya.

    I'm hoping to do an overnighter from home to Mt. Diablo when the weather warms up and the trails dry out a bit. When I gain more confidence, I'll do a multi-nighter.

    Here's one of my test runs, grossly overpacking :eek::D

    <a href="https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/pXBoIPxf-LhE2gO6IN1jBtMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=embedwebsi te"><img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-w5E0JKJcFEU/SGhpxaQ2LCI/AAAAAAAACKE/Qfs1rAikcoY/s800/IMG_0186.JPG" height="600" width="800" /></a>

    <a href="https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/g2VqFIR3P_T0L-2610Ouv9MTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=embedwebsite">< img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-GbPJB4l_BsY/SGhp1x-N8WI/AAAAAAAACKs/oZiijYd4V8c/s800/IMG_0191.JPG" height="800" width="600" /></a>
  • 02-04-2012
    Wild Wassa
    G'day. My name is Warren Hudson, I'm from Oz.

    Exploring where I live on the Southern Tablelands, I find most enjoyable. In this neck-of-the-bush it is reasonably hilly. I've no concept of what riding long distances on flat ground is like because I cant see over the Great Dividing Range.

    One day I might make it into the desert, which covers about 3/4 of the Continent of Australia. Until then I'l keep hiking the bike along the old trails of the Divide.

    My set-up is designed for unsupported touring, for up to 8 weeks at a time. This has come about because there tends to be (for much of the time) no where to adequately resupply. One of the joys of off-road touring here is that there are few people. I always tour solo because I enjoy doing photography ... photography takes time.

    What would I like to see on the Forum? ... what you guys see.

  • 02-04-2012
    More thanks Francis for getting forum up!

    Mr T. Henderson here, and I am a Bikepacking, Bike Expedition nut:

    As I have said before, it is actually pretty natural to add some extra gear, and spend a night or two+ on your mountain bike. I live right on the border of Tahoe National Forest, between two rivers, and have spent many an overnight- either along the water or up on a ridge, or both. There is virtually no limit to the distance I want to ride. When in another country, I just look for the same thing- what a way to see new places, and cultures. Adventure always guaranteed, and never a question on how I am spending my time on this Earth.

    One of my favorites was a single nighter on the Tiger Leaping Gorge Trail China.
    I'll never doubt my wanderlust ever again.

    Back pack is filled w only my 2.5 lb sleeping bag, and my down jacket, lazily unstuffed. Just in case you thought that was a huge load; too many lbs will just kill your shoulders-

    Looking forward to everybody else's bikepacking experiences!
  • 02-04-2012
    Hi there,
    Eric Parsons, the guy who runs Revelate Designs.
    Nice job making the new forum, Hopefully it can inspire people to just get out more. From spending a night out and having to go to work the next morning, to thinking outside the box and planning new routes.

    I think it would be great if there were more of a focus on experiences and trip reports. Every forum it seems is overly geeked out on gear these days. Sharing of knowledge is important of course but more riding and photos please...

  • 02-05-2012
    Alex from the UK here.

    Long time bikepacker and Welsh Ride Thing entrant (1 and 3rd year) although I have been doing short tours on a bike for years.

    My stag (bachelor) ride was the length of Wales over 4 days with the best man and good friend. In 2010 I an Cruz Missile bikepacked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal (Tea Houses rock!) Last trip was across France to Belgium to the Euro Singlespeed champs :)

    I love the kit and planning almost as much as the ride it's self...ask to see my spreadsheets :D

  • 02-07-2012
    Woo-Hooo! Bikepacking forum finally here!
    I started bikepacking in Northern AZ when me and my SO at the time realized we didn't care all that much for the slow grind of backpacking. So we thought, why not our bikes? So I started singletracking and gravel grinding. I now like doing short mixed terrain touring trips.

    I've always done it singlespeed but am putting 8 speeds on my mixed bike this spring since the low gear needed for steep dirt doesn't do so well on pavement

    My first rig, 2007 SE Stout typical level of gear:

    My current rig, Spot Brand Highline on an overloaded trip to T-ride Bluegrass:
  • 02-07-2012
    I'm looking forward to seeing some pretty inspiring trip reports, and seeing what other people are all running for setups.

    I think there's potential here for this forum to show more passion than the Passion forum...
  • 02-07-2012
    random walk
    Great idea on this thread, thanks.

    Frank here from San Diego.

    Llllooonnnggg time backpacker. Zero time bikepacker. Like others, I would love to do the divide.

    Looking for places, ride reports, and discussion on bikepacking-specific gear.
  • 02-07-2012
    finally got this forum started. yay! have long wanted to do some bikepacking, but haven't managed to pull it off yet. I almost managed a trip to AR last spring, but the weather halted those plans (I was not flexible enough to just move the trip).

    I'll get one of these trips organized eventually. I have most of the gear - I would only need a couple of on-bike bags to spread the load a bit, but my gear is light enough I could probably make it with just a pack.
  • 02-07-2012
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    Mike here, hope to learn about gear choices. My bike of choice is my rigid Rock Lobster 29er with a BOB Ibex trailer as needed.
    "Gunner" goes on some of my travels as well....
  • 02-08-2012
    Family of three here in SE Utah.

  • 02-08-2012
    random walk

    Originally Posted by mike5krnr View Post
    Mike here, hope to learn about gear choices. My bike of choice is my rigid Rock Lobster 29er with a BOB Ibex trailer as needed.
    "Gunner" goes on some of my travels as well....

    The only thing more awesome than your setup is your traveling companion.
  • 02-08-2012

    Originally Posted by random walk View Post
    The only thing more awesome than your setup is your traveling companion.

    That guy doesn't look like he likes it in there and I'm sure the pup is a running machine.

    I have a GSP and his name is "Gunnar"

  • 02-08-2012
    I am just a guy who loves riding and reading all about the great places and challenges you can do on a bike. I don't do any long multi day trips, but, man I love to read about it and dream of the day I have time to do it.
  • 02-08-2012

    Originally Posted by poconomtbiker View Post
    I am just a guy who loves riding and reading all about the great places and challenges you can do on a bike. I don't do any long multi day trips, but, man I love to read about it and dream of the day I have time to do it.

    Hopefully the thread gives you the drive to at least get out for a night or weekend!:thumbsup:
  • 02-08-2012
    Bill in Houston
    i have backpacked some and enjoyed it. i am here for a few things.
    -where in my area could i do a bikepacking trip?
    -figure out how to do it on the cheap (no, that's too much. i mean really cheap)
    -read other people's adventure reports.

    i don't like to spend a lot on gear, so i have made my own speer-type hammock, my own full catenary-cut tarp, a few good stoves, etc. i try to go lightweight and minimalist, while still getting a good night's sleep and having hot coffee in the morning.
  • 02-09-2012
    Amen brother. I am getting the itch..
  • 02-09-2012
    Justin from San Antonio, TX.

    I'd like to see more details for beginners. I love camping and I am deeply addicted to biking. Mixing the two would be heaven but I want to do it right.

    Also I need to know where near here I can do this kind of thing.
  • 02-10-2012
    Hey, bivymasters, Mike of Mike and Moria here.

    A little late, but...Thanks for the new boss-o place to hang out and swill! A round for the house on me. :cool:

    Bikepacking reports seem to get lost in the ride report shuffle. Love to have a dedicated thread (sticky, ideally) to get right to the b-packing action. Even if just a link is posted, it's nice to have a handy compendium of reports.

    Here's to report fodder!
  • 02-10-2012
    Howdy all,
    Andrew here from Colorado. I'm excited to see the new forum. I've gone from MYOG to MYOG plus make gear for sale. Bedrock bags and packs to be precise. I love the direction this part of two wheeled travel is going. It should be a fun ride.

    Bedrock bags and packs

  • 02-11-2012

    Originally Posted by Bearbait View Post
    I think it would be great if there were more of a focus on experiences and trip reports. Every forum it seems is overly geeked out on gear these days. Sharing of knowledge is important of course but more riding and photos please...

    Eric, I could not agree more. Thanks for posting that sentiment.

    BTW, the front harness and pocket I got from you a couple years back have been front-line pieces for us. Used them multiple times on my single bike and now on our tandem. The way you designed the attachment straps works excellently on a double-crown fork (which could be serendipity, but who cares). Here's to good gear (and good service).

  • 02-11-2012

    I'm new to MTBR as a whole, spending more time in either the 650b or the VRC sections, mostly...

    But the bike I'm planning to build, is going to be a 'heavy-duty tourer', that I'm intending on being a 'trail bike' and a camping bike, both.

    Looking' forward to learning what I can here...
  • 02-12-2012
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    Just came across this.......
    Hi, Alan Melville here, I'm from Western Australia. I'm 51. I started the bike touring gig at the age of 15, I left West Oz and headed to Tasmania with my mate Steve, we survived on 100 bucks for 10 weeks, that was back some time ago as you can appreciate!!!! Since then I have ridden around Australia, (on a French track racing frame that I had to push 600KM because the dirt was too deep to ride on) New Zealand, North India, England. I have done a few remote area desert rides. I tow a BOB Ibex, converted to take an Endo, I have a Yak that also takes an Endo and I have an Ibex that is standard. I've riden a Specialized Epic, a Pugs and I'm now building up a bike simular to a Yuba. All have used a Rohloff hub. I carry fairly specialized gear such as a sat phone, a Panasonic Toughbook with internal GPS and 1:250 000 maps of Oz,, Garmin GPS, top end water purification gear, Personal Locating Beacon, 20 W solar panel and a 17 Ah battery to run everything. All my critical gear is top shelf as I use it across three disaplines, Hiking (latest was from Jirri to Everest Base Camp, where I camped, and return, carrying all my own gear and solo) Sea Kayaking (over the horizion gigs to ofshore islands) and bike touring, on and off road. I have made my share of mistakes and very nearly paid for them. (one of the more light hearted ones was sending all my wet weather gear home because in September, it never rains on the Nullarbor Plain.......spent 2 weeks sleeping in a soaking wet bag, sometimes in huge puddles....ah well.... :D ) I've been told to write a book.....too lazy....sorry....:D
    But am trying to write more about what I do.....starting tomorrow....:D

    Because of the nature of my rides I don't travel light and since the first ride at 15, have nearly always traveled solo, which is not always a good thing as I don't get to recount trips to a partner afterwards.

    What do I hope to get out of this forum, I like reading peoples stories, however small or large. I've never forgotten the thrill of planing and sometimes, executing, an adventure.

    This year I'll be fairly quiet as I'm getting the coin together to go into semi retirement but next year I have a few 'little trips' planned..... woo hoo. :D

    Thanks for getting this off the ground.

  • 02-12-2012
    Just "discovered" this new venue. YEAH! Thanks everybody for getting this long needed voice....
  • 02-12-2012
    I want to cycle from Ogden Utah to near San Bernadino, California this summer.

    for virtually no money.

    I am willing to suffer heaps to do this.

    I just need to know where to start.

    do I really need a tent? Or a sleeping bag? all that seems heavy.
  • 02-13-2012
    Addy Marx
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    Hi guys,

    I'm Adam from Vancouver, Addy Marx on bikepacking.net. The North Shore is my backyard and Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton are my neighbours up the street. I really enjoy traveling with a bike (Taiwan, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, locally of course). I taught myself to use a sewing machine last summer and spend some of my spare time sewing bags for my bikes.

    There are tonnes of resources for gear, and tire choices and sleeping pad R values and all that, which is important, but I personally would like to see people sharing route information on their locales and sharing their ride reports from their adventures. Answering questions and providing info to 'foreigners' who wish to venture away from their locales and see something new. Help make the logistical part easier.

    Whether it be your first weekender in your local hood, the week long summer trip you've been planning since February, your AZT race report or your 4 month Mongolian Fatbike expedition, trips and route information with pics are inspiring.
    (my friend Sam takes cool pictures)
  • 02-13-2012
    info on travelling with gear around this world. see what differences there are. get any god plans on whre to go. ect
  • 02-13-2012
    Adam here from Sydney Australia...

    Been riding forever, competed at national level in biketrials for eight years, now manager at City Bike Depot in Sydney and loving bikepacking and touring...

    Check out my blog - A Therapy For Pain