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    An unfortunate but important article to read

    This is why we can't have nice things.

    Oregon Bikepacking – The Death of the Oregon Outback

    With the sport of bikepacking growing so much, and touring in general getting a resurgence, it's important that we hold ourselves and others accountable for practicing LNT and being respectful of everyone else we may encounter on our trips.

    Get familiar with LNT if your not. And pass it on

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    Yup sad story.
    Safe riding,


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    Two weeks ago I was on a 5 hour ride in the backcountry of the Kenai Peninsula, took a step off trail to relieve myself an nearly stepped on a brand-new plastic purple tampon applicator. Don't even get me started on the TP behind sooo many bushes near any trail. I'm amazed, then I'm not, then I'm sad.
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    I really try to keep from thinking that humans suck in general, but then stuff like this happens. Came across some of the same kind of stuff, but probably not to the same degree, this weekend in Lake Placid. Out on one of the CC ski trails-turned MTB trails, and saw more trash and broken down vegetation than along the roads. Beer cans, cigarette butts. Fire pits that had just been left with partially burned garbage in is so selfish and ignorant.

    I don't know if it was other MTBer's or hikers, but it definitely did not seem like it was people educated in LNT, or even any kind of back-country sporting. Sick,stupid abd disrespectful. If I had had my panniers on, I would have tried to grab some of the stuff, but all I had was my Camelback...

    the saving grace was talking to and getting to know some of the BETA trail members who did say that they have to do a lot of "clean-up" rides, and that most of the time the trash is from local-yokels. Those good people definitely kept my hopes up....
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    I respect Donnie's concerns, but when I read "Oregon is closed. We dont need you and we most definitely dont want you" it reminded me of this...
    Former Governor Tom McCall's Message to Visitors

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    Unfortunately this is getting much too common. Here in NV I was at a historical site and when I got to the overlook there is a bench to take in the views. At the foot of the bench was an obviously used tampon and the wrapper and some tp. Next to that was a bunch of turds (healthy ones I might add, not an old person accidental splat lol) on a big rock. More tp scattered in the wind out in the sagebrush. I mean really you couldn't stop 3 miles ago in middle of the f'n desert and sh*t in the dirt there? No lets take a crap at the overlook! I really think it's people with drug problems, who in there right mind would do this?
    Quote Originally Posted by DIRTJUNKIE View Post
    some weird crazed desert dweller.

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    A certain percentage of people are sociopaths and do things just because they aren't supposed to and can get away with it (psychopaths are small group of people who would hurt and kill people if they could get away with it). They don't have consciences. I'm not kidding, this is true. They've always been with us and always will be, it's up to the groups representing all users to figure out how to deal with them and ensure that those affected understand that they don't represent the vast majority of users.
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    There is a small group of people in any group, hikers, hunters, skiers, mt. bikers, etc, that are just a$$ holes and wreck it for everyone else.

    Remember about 20 years ago backpacking in the White Mountains of NH, last day of a multi-day trip and I rounded a corner and a group of 6 guys had a campfire in the middle of the trail, it was 2 in the afternoon and they were already drunk as hell. This was about 5 miles from the closest trail head. I told them they should not be doing that nicely and moved on. Did report to the rangers when I got to the trail head. For safety reasons I kept my cool (being solo) but had good descriptions of the group.

    Also seen the tp all over wilderness areas in the mountains of Georgia on hikes. I am believing more and more, set designated sites to reduce human impact to the woods. Just my opinion.

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    Sorry - the a$$hats are everywhere. In April hiking in Zion there was a big pile of crap and TP right on the rock slab at middle Emerald Pool. I think anyone caught doing this kind of thing should have to clean it up with his/her mouth.

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    So sad to encounter this kind of crap (pun intended), but it's stuff I've been seeing for a really long time.

    Also agree regarding sociopaths. I've been becoming increasingly aware of that issue.

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    If we eliminated ants overnight in 5 years there would be no life on earth. If we eliminated humans in 5 years the earth would be flourishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saddle Up View Post
    If we eliminated ants overnight in 5 years there would be no life on earth. If we eliminated humans in 5 years the earth would be flourishing.
    So true. I don't think I've ever been anywhere without noticing ants. They were here before we were and they'll be here after we're gone. And roaches.....don't get me started on roaches.
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    This should be required reading for anyone who uses the outdoors.

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