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    TRP Spyre Brakes?

    Does anyone use these cable actuated brakes? What has been your experience? Why would I need a 160mm disc, as opposed to a 140, for bikepacking? Thanks!!

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    I use them. They have been excellent and much more trouble-free than my BB7s. 160mm is pretty much a minimum for a front brake, though I use a 140 in the rear.

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    I honestly can't believe I put up with BB7's for so long. Spyre's changed my life.

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    I have been considering these. A co-worker has the Spyres and they seem to work very well. Though I hesitate because I have 3 pair of BB7s in use currently, which all work fine, so it'd be a sizable investment if I wind up really liking them.

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    I'd use 160 min for cable brakes and loaded bikes. No advantage to going smaller really, I've used 180s front and rear before and was glad of the larger rear on big decents. Sometimes you need all the heat dissipation you can get.

    I've used Spyres in place of BB7 roads and have Spykes on my MTB that was fitted with BB7s before, not done big miles on them yet though. Initially I'm not as pro the TRP brake as many seem to be, performance-wise there's nothing in it imo but I've spent a few years riding the BB7s and have got well used to the adjustments needed. Spyre/Spykes are easier to set up and adjust as they wear though, no doubt about that. They don't fit with / clear the spokes of my dyno front wheel without a few mm of rotor spacing though.

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