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    Does anyone ride a singlespeed when bikepacking? My bike this year is in singlespeed mode, and I was trying to get an idea on how bad it's going to hurt.

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    I do. Sometimes I try to gear down one or two teeth in the back when riding loaded, sometimes I don't.

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    I did a short 80 mile loop on my SS last summer and it was fine, had to push a little more.

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    I do also. Like what was already said you might want to consider adding a couple teeth depending on the route. But since my bikepacking routes are usually less climbing and less tech than a typical day ride it usually works out to keep the same. If it's too easy that's annoying though to be spinning too much.

    If anything, it's a good reason to really work on dropping gear weight for your trips.

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    I have my bike setup SS also. What do y'all do for trips that include long sections of flats? Gear for the flats or the hills?
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    I basically ride a 33x19 unloaded, then run a 32x20 when I bikepack (very similar trails). If I'm doing a trail like the Arizona Trail where grades can reach 20%, I'll go to a 32x21 and considering a 22t for my next AZT300 ride.
    Yeah, you do some walking, but on those long rides, it's a welcome change and let's you use different muscles.
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    If this guy can do it, so can you!


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    GT Peace 9r

    I have just done 900 odd km in 8 days, slideshow posted in film thread here
    Is it going to hurt, make that a YES!

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    I have a geared bike and SS, if its a short ride or I know its not going to be a difficult ride, I may choose to use the SS.

    I've not regretted it yet, atleast

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    I've done one overnight on my SS. Gear for the climbs

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    It's not that different. If you ride a SS everyday and pack light then it's fine bikepacking. I rather enjoy it more than gears actually.
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    Yup... I did the Tour Divide Race on a singlespeed. My opinion, it's basically the same as normal singlepseeding with more weight. Therefore, you need to consider the extra work or changing your gearing. Have fun!

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