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  • 09-09-2016
    ^That looks like a great simple pyramid. My Mega Light pyramid tent weighs in at 1.5 lbs. without the pole. I feel a little over sheltered for most conditions here in the SW, but not much weight penalty. Normally I don't pitch it, but just have it laying next to me to pull over for a typical 5 minute shower. The ability to pitch it high can be very useful.

    If clear skies are expected, I sometimes just take the fly from my old 3 man Orion tent to pull over me for a freak thundershower, gust of wind, the odd pesky bug.
  • 11-05-2016
    June Bug

    Originally Posted by She&I View Post
    We just spent 20 nights in our Dash 2. Fantastic design. So little to complain about, I won't bother. Big thumbs up to REI.

    Used our DASH 2 for a San Juan River trip in late May; worked great. We were warm and comfortable in temps down to the 40s at night -- small but not confining.
  • 11-07-2016
    After a few trips with the Nemo Apollo I can post a few thoughts:

    - Take the pole out of the equation and this is an impressively light, packable shelter option. The stock, alloy pole weighs a 1/2lb. Do yourself a favor and order a 52" carbon pole from Z-Packs which weighs barely anything and is plenty stiff enough to serve for a tipi-style central pole like this.

    - It's billed as a 3-person shelter, but it would take a pretty dire situation before I would ever want to cram 3 people into the Nemo. I wouldn't consider it a 3-person shelter, but it is a great option for 1-2 people.

    - With the carbon pole and 6 ti stakes, the Apollo doesn't weigh much more than my OR Helium bivy, but offers a far more shelter if you really have to hunker in some weather. For a few extra ounces, I'd definitely choose the Apollo in most cases.