Self-Supported Bikepacking - A Sample Packing List - Pinkbike

yup I know its a x-post but Chilcotin stories seem to always get a good reception

"This is just one of many examples of a packing list that one might bring for a self-supported bike trip. In this case this was for a mid-August Chilcotin self-supported trip taking 5 days and 4 nights. This is an area of linked subalpine and alpine trails and singletrack just north of Whistler/Pemberton in British Columbia (introductory article here). Unlike in the Alps there are no huts, roads or reasonably easy ways to self-extract. The entire trip was approximately 130kms crossing three alpine passes but we never measured so that is but a guesstimate.

Because we (three of us) were traversing mainly in the sub-alpine we planned for poor weather; some of us more so than others. We packed for rain and temperatures of approximately 5 degrees Celsius. In my experience, packing for freezing temperatures would substantially increase pack weight"