I am not big on write ups but I thought I would share some pictures and route info on my/our on road bike camping adventure.
Just a few notes
1. we went 230 miles and around 13000 feet in 3 days.
2. It was the third annual trip
3. two nut jobs did it on fixed geared bikes HTFU
4. every bike was steel 2 Ritcheys, 2 Rock Lobsters, 1 Surley, 1 Bianchi.
5. Revelate Designs bags powered most of us...their bags are The BOMB
6. we had two virgins
7. the age range was from early thirties to early sixties HTFU

Day 1 Jo2Ho 2013 day 1 in San Jose, CA | MapMyRide
Day 2 Jo2Ho 2013 day 2 in Ione, CA | MapMyRide
Day 3 Jo2Ho day 3 in CA, United States | MapMyRide

pics here Road Content: San JOse to TaHOE 2013