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    Rockies End to End - Route help

    Hi there,
    A friend and I are planning on riding the length of the Rockies, from Santa Fe in New Mexico to the foot of Mount Robson in Canada, in the summer of 2014.
    We’re going to be riding unsupported, bikepacking, sleeping out in the wild, and riding as much singletrack as possible.
    We both live in France (Pascal is French and I’m English), and know parts of the Rockies, but not much.
    We’re going to be posting this thread on various American mtb forums, and we’re really hoping to tap into local knowledge, in order to put together, piece by piece, an appropriate route, taking in as much sweet singletrack as possible.
    Having ridden the length of the Alps from Slovenia to Nice in France, we’re looking for a new challenge. As with the Alps trip, we’re planning on writing a book after the trip.
    So if you’ve got any suggestions for parts of the route, areas to avoid, etc. let us know !!

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    I think that you may find this to be rather daunting to put together. The Rockies are HUGE, and there are lots of sections that are designated wilderness (and therefore illegal to ride). It took decades to even link together something like the Colorado Trail, which is "only" 500 miles.

    Not that you shouldn't try!

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    Are you aware of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route? It's an almost-all off-road route from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, and there's an extension up to Banff, Alberta. It's supposed to be a pretty intense and remote route, though it's mostly dirt roads rather than singletrack.

    Great Divide Mountain Bike Route - Adventure Cycling Association

    "Ride the Divide" is a great documentary about racers on this route, but obviously someone doing it for pleasure would take a more relaxing pace and not come so close to killing themselves as those guys do...

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    Thanks Toby and JB for your replies.
    Yes I appreciate its a big task...
    I know of the Great Divide route, but am concerned we're going to wind up doing thousands of miles of dirt road if we stick to it
    I'm beginning to wonder whether we shouldn't maybe use the GD as a basis when nothing else is on offer, but use the Colorado Trail and others "better" trails whenever possible.
    I'm planning on posting on each state forum (New mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana) in order to ask for local advice.
    Thanks again for your replies

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