I'm thinking we'll have two main categories with a possibility of a shorter category for people who want to try out the bikepacking experience.

Current route is 865 miles with 25K of climbing per

Solo, self supported category will essentially follow Tour Divide type rules.

2 person teams will take their own vehicles on the route. Team/vehicle support is only allowed at predetermined rest areas. The rider that starts the day must finish the day on the bike. Riders can alternate days however they wish or the the second person can be full time support for a "solo" rider. We will set up/encourage a way for 2 person teams to hook up with true solos to shuttle them back to DFW (plan to accommodate 3 people/bikes for the return trip).

We will have some sort of random checkpoints thrown into the mix but it will primarily be on the honor system. Solos can go whatever pace they want but the current route does allow overnights at State Parks from the third night on. Nights one and two would overnight along the NETT. State Park to State Park ranges from 110-130 miles so some riders will have to find an in between spot if they can't do that pace on a daily basis.

Current legs look something like this (high potential for change, changes could be significant as details come together):

Texarkana to Farmersivlle -188 miles. Night one will camp somewhere along the NETT. Night two everyone (except true racers) stops in Farmersville. Use the first couple days as shakedown days.

Farmersville to Johnson Branch State Park - 82 miles a shorter leg for riders still finding their rhythm. People can pedal further if they feel strong and camp/stay somewhere else. Muenster would be a 120 mile day, Lindsey a 110, Valley View a 95.

Johnson Branch to Lake Arrowhead State Park - 120 miles

Lake Arrowhead State Park to Copper Breaks State Park - 115 miles

Copper Breaks State Park to Caprock Canyon State Park 115 miles

Caprock Canyon State Park to Next Camp - 124 miles

Next camp to NM - 125 miles

There seems to be more interest in this than I was really expecting so I'll probably be speeding up the route verification process. Current plan is for us to pre-arrange group camping/access for two nights at each of the parks. First night is an "on schedule" night, second night to allow for folks who might lose a day along the way. Start training now (even casually) and all will be fine.

Not sure of pricing yet, but we are going to try to keep it as low as we can without shooting ourselves in the foot. There will be a good bit of cost associated with scouting the route(s) and insurance for multi day events does take things into a different arena. Current guesstimates are something like this:

Solo unsupported (no pre-arranged camping/lodging/100% fend for yourself/Tour Divide type rules) $75ish early, $125ish regular.

Vehicular Team Riders $125ish per person early, $200ish per person regular (includes camping/park access).

Mini trip solo (Texarkana to Johnson's Branch Sat-Tue) $75ish early, $125ish regular

Again, this is a very rough draft at the moment but we do want want to keep you in the loop as far as what we are considering. Let us know if we start going off base.