I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestion's. I purchased this Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc about 6-7weeks ago and have been riding and rigging it different ways.

My questions are -
Tires- These are Specialized Trigger Sport (file tread, with outer knob), 1.5"/38's. Currently I air them up to 85/90 pavement to 45/50 dirt. They seem "o.k.'......actually surpised by them a bit in dirt and mud. They roll very well on pave,gravel,hard pack,fire roads. This tire is used/hot tire in gravel grinder races currently also. I have clearance to make this bike a 29'er with 2.0's but, don't think I want to go that route-see no value on this bike/nor use. What do you think of a knobby 1.5" / 38, of longer lasting compound? Worth messing with? Other thoughts welcome.......
Front Bags/Bag Bag - for bike packing- suggestions?

The bike is very adaptable,configurable,versatile. Yea, it's a 63-2 2/3" travel suspension fork but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it's actually better than my purple Mazocchi XC-400 from the early 90's, which back then,when I bought it, was the cats/@$$, in high end suspension forks........heck they used it for downhill then I see the big air,big travel suspension's these days but......over kill for my use. I would have liked an all steel,all rigid, custom fab'ed bike from a small shop like Jone's see my comment - "value", still have kids in college ($$$- START SAVING NOW YOU YOUNF LADS-FUTURE FATHERS ~! ~ chuckle, your going to need it) I also like to support LBS and they typically don't carry small custom shop stuff.

Likes/Notes- I have rechargeable lights front/rear * that kayak,truly water stuff,high end $ stuff sack holds a Lot of stuff; that and the Topeak ergo saddle bag combined with a Good bar bag may be ideal? * I like the XCM bars on this bike-can post up well for comfort on flats,extended travel*my gearing seems good for this category/my purpose

Various modes-cell phone pics- "a picture says a thousand words"

Mode -Coffee House/Commuter - "chicks dig it"

Mode-Double Track Dirt

Mode-Bike Pack/tour / with my Kayak-Canoe Dry Bag

Mode - Pack/Tour Light & Dry

Mode - A.T.B., Fire Roads,Double Track,Gravel Grinder, Bike Shop pavement group rides.......chicks dig it , fitness runs,etc.

BTW- I am pleased with the SKS X Board /Rain- Mud Guard / simple and effective.