• 04-29-2013
    A penny for your thoughts: Touring the Amish counties?
    So, yea.. it is Monday :madman:

    Looking around the web for some more of the off-beaten paths in the lovely state of Ohio, and I came across (not sure how?).. the Amish counties.

    At first thought, it looks like it might be pretty fun, less travelled roads, dirt roads, gravel roads, some cool little shops to visit; and best of all, it is quiet. Not the noisy city-life and cubicle meanderings that I've grown accustomed to. For a weekend trips, seems like it might be a good outting.

    A couple downsides that I can think of off hand:

    - The horse.. excretions. Yea.. fun.

    - Getting away w/o getting away.. this goes to saying, that while I am getting away from city life, I'd still take my technology (Ipod, GPS, etc.). As I do consider myself culturally aware, I'm not sure how this would come across up there. From my visits overseas, you tend to get better, service?, if people think you're not a visitor.

    - Camping spots: Admittedly, this is something I haven't even looked in to.

    Does anyone have any experience or words of wisdom they would like to share?
  • 04-29-2013
    I buy a lot of furniture from the amish to sell in my retail store. The amish are smart enough to hire a guy who is not amish to work the computer and phones. I think you will be ok with your gps and cell phone. IF this matters the amish i deal with are in Lancaster county, PA. They do make some kickass furniture.

    Interesting side note, the companies i deal with use, a diesel generator to power the air tools. And the lights are propane.
  • 04-30-2013
    Well, I think I have this little adventure planned out, and during my oh so very intense research this morning, it seems that the first week of june there will be a community held benefit for the maintenance costs of their rails2trails bikeway - they're even auctioning off a log cabin!!

    It's not the longest "tour" ever, at only 52 miles from start to finish, with 3 campsites in between.. but this is a vacation of sorts, not a race :D
  • 04-30-2013
    Sounds like fun! I live in Northern Maine and in recent years alot of Amish have moved to the area because its rural and land is cheep. With that said there is alot of horse refuse on the road, and with my road bike I just avoid it, but with my commuter/touring rig I have fenders and well it keeps it off ya anyhow:P The Amish up here are generally very frendily and don't mind us and have some bakery's and furniture stores around the County (Aroostook county is HUGE so they have them near each of their communities).

    I would say if its rural camp in the woods, if a house is near ask permission, thats what I've done around here with great success.

    Can't wait to see some pictures and hear of your trip!

    All the best,