Hey everyone

I am new here but not to riding. Back in 2004 I was medically retired out of the US Army. I ended up getting a good pay check for the rest of my life and did not think I was that injured, I mean hell I have suffered worse crashing my bikes.

So I got my passport, grabbed my Gary Fisher (which I did not think would last) and got on the next bird smoking to Europe.

I started in the Netherlands because back then I only knew for certain I could dress my bike out there. Anyway I got kitted out and took off.

Being from a south Texas ranch and having been in the Army I am used to being in the bush. So for me it's no life changer other than I do not have to work, I have almost no bills and get to save most my money.

Just been riding around Europe camping and fishing.

I joined this site because I busted up my trailer pretty bad and had to replace it. I needed some parts and went on the WIFI at this camping place here to search for near by places. After finding nothing I returned to Google and found this site.

The site distracted me so much reading all the good post and seeing people helping each other with issues I figured I should just join to see if anyone know where I could get a rear cargo rack for my single wheel trailer, tire is a 16.

Currently I am in Germany, so it has to be a place I can physically go to in person because I have no address for ordering. Really any store south of Hochspeyer (67691) Germany because I will be headed out soon going south down to Italy for the winter.

Any help works and thank you.