Since we're just getting into hammocks, we stopped by a local 'hang' a few weeks ago and accidentally ran into the coolest little OH stove I've ever seen: the Mini Tattoostove. It's tiny, it's GORGEOUS, it's genius, it's only $35.... OK, I give up, just watch the vid below. :P

Husby just got it yesterday, then decided to 'upgrade' it by making a wind screen/pot holder. We had some roofing flashing already in the shed out back, so all that was required was some good measuring skilz, a little tinkering, a hole punch, and a cut up metal skewer. Result was this:

And it all packs up a treat inside our 1.1L MSR Stowaway pot...which isn't the lightest, but the locking closure mechanism is clever, the long handle is great if you need to use it over a fire, and since it's stainless we figured it would be more likely to survive a crash in the Camelbak than some lighter offerings.

It took 10+ minutes and not quite an ounce of denatured OH to boil 2 cups of snow melt river water at ~40F ambient, so if you're in a hurry this wouldn't be your thing. In that regard the stove fits our style quite well, lol.