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    Moots snoots YBB for sale.

    SPAM pass here.

    This is my all-time favorite do-all bike.  It was built by Brad Bingham @ Moots.

    I call it "do all" instead of "snow" or "fat" because I've used it equally in all configurations--29", 29+, 4" fat and 5" fat.  I've used it on bikepacking overnighters every month (and every condition) of the year, as well as day-rides on snow, and sand, and trail.

    The chassis is your basic Moots YBB softtail, designed to accept tires up to 4.7" wide.

    The fork is a custom Action Tec suspension unit, with clearance for a 4.8" tire.

    I am 5'10" with a 32" pants inseam.  Pretty much your average sized male.  If you are ~5'9" to ~6' this bike can easily fit you with basic stem/bar/post/saddle adjustments.

    Pertinent #'s are 24" ETT, 12" BB height, 17.15" chainstay length.  Pretty close to most 18" frames across the board.

    Note the under-the-toptube cable routing, and full housing runs from end to end.  I wanted this bike to be as maintenance free as possible, and this was the best way to achieve that.

    SLX direct mount der, Middleburn cranks, Action Tec ti rings, Phil Wood BB.

    Shimano 12-36 cassette, SRAM X9 mid-cage der.

    Hayes hydros on both ends.  Alligator rotors--7" front, 6" rear.  I mixed Stroker Trail calipers with Nine master cylinders to get the best cold-weather performance.  Bonus that the levers are carbon--they don't feel cold when it's cold.

    DT Swiss 440 rear hub.  Absolutely bombproof, yet easy to service--even trailside with no tools.

    Flat bars are custom by Moots: 32" wide by 20* sweep.  Not a misprint.

    I used trusted 9 speed components on this build because 10 speed never blew up my skirt, and 11 speed is nice but as-yet unproven over the long haul.  I chose X0 twisters because they are light, simple, durable, and the grip pattern has good 'traction' regardless of conditions.

    Worth mentioning that the drivetrain (shifters, chainrings, cassette, chain) was replaced this July.  Shiny new then, ridden less than 10 times since.

    The hydro unit of the fork is very simple to work on.  I fine-tuned it with lighter synthetic oil so that it is  unaffected by temperature changes.  Feels just as sporty regardless of July or December.

    Front wheel is a Paul WHUB laced to a Surly Rolling Darryl rim using DT Swiss Revolution spokes and DT Prolock alloy nips.  This wheel was laced fresh last week, ridden twice since then.  Shod with Bud and a tube.

    Rear wheel is the aforementioned DT Swiss 440 hub laced to a Surly Clownshoe rim using DT Swiss SuperComp spokes and DT Prolock alloy nips.  Shod with Nate and a tube.  This wheel is approximately a month old--maybe 5 rides thus far.

    King 1 1/4" threaded headset.  But look closer and you'll see the silver ring between the frame and headset?  That's an aluminum sleeve adapting the current headset to a 44mm headtube.  In other words, the frame is future-proofed so that you can run any (tapered or 1 1/8" steerer) available.

    RockShox Reverb 100mm drop post, WTB Aviator saddle.

    Plenty of clearance for the 100mm rim with 4" tire pictured.  YBB unit at top, just out of pic.  Prominent exposed bolts are for a rack--and it is included.

    No need for drivetrain tweakage--frame fits the 100mm rim with 4" tire and room to spare.  2 x 9 drivetrain clears fine.  10 speed would also clear fine, 11 speed would have yet more clearance than either 9 or 10.

    Hard to aim the camera 'just so' to show the fork clearance.  That's a 4.8" tire on an 80mm rim, and there is ~9mm of clearance on each side.  Plenty.  Haven't tried it with a 100mm rim and 4.8" tire, but I'm 99.9% sure it'd fit *and* have adequate clearance.

    Why am I selling it?  I'd like to be able to run the fattest of the fat tires--namely a 4.8" Surly Lou on a 100mm rim.  And this frame was built before that combo existed, so it won't fit.

    Otherwise I think the sporty geometry of this bike, coupled with it's simple, durable, nearly maintenance free suspension, is way ahead of it's time.  I'll be sorry to see it go, but happy to make room for V2.

    Please scroll back up through the pics and note that every piece of hardware on the bike is either alu (chainring bolts) or titanium: all 3 bottle cages, rack mounts, brake mounts, rotor bolts, stem, bars.

    The pics above all show the Snoots in her full-fat winter trim.

    Not shown but also included are:

    -full-size Revelate frame bag,

    -rear rack,

    -Spare boot and extra springs for fine-tuning the fork,

    -Replacement YBB unit, for when that time comes,

    Syntace P6 carbon seatpost, for trips where the dropper isn't apropos,

    -Hopey steering damper.  Doesn't work with the Action Tec fork, but will work with any other.

    Also included is a second "summer" wheelset, with tires.  What that means is up to you.  Want 29" rims with tubeless tires?  Fine.  Want 50 or 65mm rims with 3.8" tires?  Sure, fine.

    My current summer setup is a 29+ front wheel (Rabbit Hole rim, Knard tire, tubeless) and a 26" x 65mm Marge Lite rim with 4" Fatback tire.  After extensive fiddling with all available options I determined that this was the best, lightest, most efficient and floaty combo for where and how I ride this bike in summer.

    But if you've got different preferences, say so and I'll accommodate.

    Total cost is $8660.

    That price includes shipping within the lower 48.  The bike is in Grand Junction, Colorado, and is available for pickup, *or* I may opt to deliver it as far as Salt Lake, St. George, Durango, Denver, Flagstaff, or anywhere in between.

    Price is firm, only interested in trading if you've got a mint Shelby Cobra burning a hole in your garage.

    PLEASE read all of the details above before asking questions.  If something wasn't covered above, also check HERE.  

    Thanks for looking!

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    1. Awesome description.

    2. Awesome pictures.

    3. This is how a for-sale ad should go. Good luck!

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    Way out of my price range, and way too small for me anyway. However, I can't wait to see the next bike you come up with. By the way, the the expedition fatbike (with all the fuel tanks) get sold yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by willapajames View Post
    By the way, the the expedition fatbike (with all the fuel tanks) get sold yet?
    Jill Outside: Impulse
    Safe riding,


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