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    Great Divide Ideas-Suggestions

    I want to ride a portion of this trail ( Chama NM. to ? Steamboat ? or S. Wyoming). I will be riding solo. My dilema is getting back to my transportation once finished with my "planned adventure". I know someone has solved this. I checked on rental cars, and found they are available at larger airports in Co. Salida has a u-haul option, but that's not Steamboat. Perhaps riding a loop is the only answer?
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    Adventure Cycling Association gives you a supplement page with the map set which lists shuttle services at the starts/ends. Maybe they can give you the info. Another reason bikepackers should be ACA members.

    fbs, I did that very thing a couple years ago. Ended up doing a rental/bus/road ride from Grants NM back up to Phoenix. Super fun 11 days. Power to ya, solo artist...


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