<style type="text/css"> <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --></style>Just wanted to ask what other full time riders do on their never ending journey, or for that matter even hobby riders.

I live off my rig, spending most my time camping on beaches, in the bush, mountains or in rainy season or winter at a CAMP SITE. LOL

I do a lot of metal detecting, mostly on beaches that attract tons of drunk tourist. Never cared much about finding relics, I just want that jewelry. Often enough I do get a chance to return it to the owner or even search for something for an owner. But mostly I just sell the metal and keep the stones (if any).

I also do a great deal of trapping & fishing, just because I have money does not mean I want to spend it. LOL

Also it is that time of year in Europe now (at least here in Germany) when mushrooms are growing. I always make it back to Germany around this same time each year before I head south for Italy over the winter. Germany by far has the best mushroom picking I have ever seen. Plus all their camp sites have Wifi. LOL

While traveling I listen to audio books.

While at the camp site, reading if I am in the bush or on the internet if I am in a camp site.

So like I said, just curious to see what other riders are doing out and about.

Kind Regards,