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    Fatbike to the Arctic - journal & photos

    This winter/spring my partner and I rode our fatbikes on the Iditarod Trail for roughly 700 miles, then veered north and continued on the the arctic community of Kotzebue. A journey of over 1,000 miles.

    Here is a link to our journal: Fatbike to the Arctic - Journal ? Mjolnir of Bjørn
    Mjölnir of Bjørn dot com is my active website.

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    Very cool! Looks like an amazing adventure...

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    Fatbike to the Arctic - journal & photos

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Enjoyed your blog and pics.

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    awesome! thanks!

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    Nice. I've bookmarked the site for enjoying sometime I can sit and read for a while. Thanks for documenting the trip.
    Safe riding,


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    That's an amazing trip with the photos and stories to do it justice. Thanks for sharing Bjorn!

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