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    Quote Originally Posted by GtownViking View Post
    8.35 pounds per gallon x 6.6 gallon capacity....makes it 55.11 pounds not including the weight of the bag itself.

    1 liter weighs 2.2 pounds or 1000 grams (1Kg)
    This solves a lot of the problem, carry liters of water - not gallons. The liters are lighter!! I always knew those metric guys were smart!

    Just messing around!

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    I'm not sure you're planning on carrying enough water. I know I can drink through 1.5 gallons in a day of riding (2 100oz bladders or 1 bladder and 4-5 water bottles). And that doesn't include what I drink during breakfast, or at dinner, or what I use to cook dinner.

    I'm planning a tour of 4x4 roads in Death Valley next spring (putting it off for a years since THIS spring I'm going to Nicaragua instead!). My plan is to have just one night of camping at remote sites where water is not available between more civilized stops where I can get water. I was planing on carrying 5 gallons with me, most of it in 2 dromedary bags on a front lowrider rack. Seems like a good place to put a lot of extra weight, at least for a dirt road tour where I won't need to lift the front wheel much but when I start drinking through it the bike handling should only improve.
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    Plans has changed, didn't go last fall, nor am I going this fall. Going to Moab/Fruita for a week and some other bike trip this summer instead. So no time for a few nights alone. Plus mentally I don't think I'm up for it yet. But it's on my bucket list.

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