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Thread: Brooks Cambium

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    Brooks Cambium

    Anyone have the opportunity to really try one out yet ?? The natural rubber and cotton impregnated cover seem ideal for inclement terrain and weather. Makes me think this saddle has some potential as an off road touring saddle ?


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    Right here. I haven't tried it yet personally, but I want to real bad. Now that they are in production for less than the limited edition numbered series it's in my price range.
    Rolling the new Brooks Cambium c17 tester saddle
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    ive got about 30 miles on one and i'm pretty impressed its a loaner though so i have to send it back in a few days
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    I was one of the original 100 users who reviewed them. Still have mine and seriously considering doing what has been suggested ... putting it on my off-road tourer, my Giant XTC 2 as I do a lot of my touring in our winter (too hot in summer(.


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    I have about 200 miles on mine--including some commuting, single track, and a 43 mile race. I am very happy with it.

    Brooks Cambium-img00477.jpg

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    I was one of the original 100 testers also, I have well over 1000 miles on my test saddle. What I've found is that for me anything under about 40 - 50 mile rides and I really enjoy the saddle. But on longer rides the saddle starts to make itself known. My sit bones begin to fatigue and become uncomfortable.
    As far as durability it has shown very little wear and I've had it in snow, rain, mud and the hot sun.
    Brooks is in the process of building the saddle with a cut-out and I asked to try that version out to see if it helps for my longer endurance rides.
    The new saddles are shipping soon so maybe I will have one on my doorstep to try.

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    I just got the new slate cambium, and it is the replacement for another Brooks, the Flyer. I had the Flyer mounted on my Pugsley for over a year and when I got it I thought that it was a good ride. The Flyer had its shortcomings though, the biggest was the smooth leather. I slid around so much that I could not keep a good position. That problem was solved because of another problem, which was that I could not get it to seal up nicely. I used Brooks and other products, but even with that a little rain would cause the leather to swell up. I then had some seat covers made that made it waterproof, and stopped my butt from sliding around. I liked the seat, but it made my Pugsley look like an old police Harley.

    When the Cambium came out I immediately wanted one, but did not like the color that they had at the time. It took almost six months for them to come out with the slate color so I ordered it and then eagerly awaited its arrival. It came right from Italy where they are made, and actually designed there for Brooks.

    The seat is, in my opinion, more comfortable than the flyer. I love the fabric feel and I can hold a position easily, and that is in part due to the shape. The grey look of the slate looks great too, worth the wait. I have only had it for a few weeks but have already ridden it in the rain, and even wet my butt stays put. It is really seat I have ever had. It has this cast frame and the Brooks logo looks super classy. I got a pattern bolt for the seat to keep it from being ripped off, as this baby is not cheap. Of course nothing Brooks makes is cheap.
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