Hello all,
I hope this is the right thread for posting this question and if not please let me know and will move to another thread.

Anyway i am in the market for a new bike and am fishing for opinions of what you think the best geometry for a bike that's carrying stuff i.e rear rack, panniers etc.
And will be stable and handle responsively. My current bike current bike is a 26er with v brakes and carrries a rear rack and a basket and handles like sh#t. So i'm definetly looking towards a 29er and disc. I will mostly use this to commute(City, town)

I have a couple in mind and am heading towards the trek 8.6 DS 19" for it has a fairly long Wheelbase which i think should help would it not?
8.6 DS - Trek Bicycle

The other is a Trek CrossRip.

If you have any other suggestions please let me know.
Thank you.