Looking for a tune-up before the AZT300 or are in the Phoenix area at the end of March, this may be of interest:

I'm looking for some compadres to join in on a 3-day bikepacking loop. I've made some minor adjustments to the route from last year in hopes of making it more bikepacking friendly.

The plan is to meet at my place near Power / Queen Creek rds. around 6:30a on Friday the 28th, be pedaling by 7am. (I'll PM/email my address to those who need it)

Here's the route, riding in a CW direction:
<a href="https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/3w7Z0fLuuSvEi61GKUmgidMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=e mbedwebsite"><img src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-jSH4Kc2eDVg/UwI_FWD1EMI/AAAAAAAAUdM/JxcvCoyOr5s/s800/Profile_3-day.jpg" height="462" width="800" /></a>

GPX track can be downloaded here. (2 files: Salty-Gila_POI & Salty-Gila_Tour_3-day)

All 3 days will be roughly 70 miles, be prepared for long days in the saddle, i.e. bring lights!! The camping plan is to make it out to Gold Canyon for the first night and down near Kelvin for the second night. The third day is mostly dirt roads and should be covered quite a bit faster than the first two days. Total mileage is 220 with roughly 22k of climbing.

There are a few opportunities for re-supply along the route. Blue Bird Mine snack bar near the Lost Dutchman SP, Basha's in Gold Canyon, Circle K / Los Hermanos in Superior & the River Bottom Grill in Florence. I'd recommend a water filter for use down at the Gila.

A quick description of the route:
Green belts/canals/road for the first 15 miles or so.
TRW-Hawes-NRA-Pass Mtn
A few more miles of roads to the Goldfields, then the good parts of Jacob Crosscut trail.
Roads over to Gold Canyon, hit some more trail
Camp #1

Dirt road/road combo from Gold Canyon to the AZT.
L.O.S.T. into Superior
Picketpost to Kelvin
Camp #2

Dirt roads over to Area 52
Dirt roads/road into Florence
Dirt roads over to San Tan Regional park
Trails through the park
Pavement/greenbelt to finish.

Who's IN???