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    New question here. Any noobs trying bike packing lately?

    Are ya new to BP, what was your first trip and how far?

    Bikepacking 101 -

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    I've been backpacking for years, and riding for longer. Finally started combining the two. I've road ridden over 100mpd to a campsite. Recently(last weekend) went on a quick, local overnighter on the Conestoga Trail.
    This upcoming weekend, I'll be up in Quehanna Wild Area doing an overnighter. Hopefully, I return with pics!
    Fortunatley, living in PA is pretty handy for going on an adventure like that. PA will send maps for free.
    The tricky thing is creating a route. Versus following an existing backpacking route. Often, bikes aren't permitted on hiking trails. Plenty of gravel roads in PA to play with and trails connecting them.
    Being new to this aspect of cycling isnt without growing pains; I know what I can backpack in a day, but judging "bikepacking" is quite a bit different.
    Stoked on bikepacking!!!

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    Yep, new to bike-packing and just getting back into MTB after a few yrs on the roadie doing mostly Audax / Randonneuring . I love to ride all day and am wanting to take my endurance rides back off road as I don't have to worry about cars. I am fortunate to live in Western Australia and have the Mundabiddi trail (1000k's / 621 miles of dedicated continuous mtb track) right on my doorstep, so am planning to do an end to end after a few over night reconnaissance rides. Time will tell how light / minimal I can get my gear and still be comfortable sleeping in the huts.

    My first trip will be a 2 days out and back along the Mundabiddi and as each hut is about 50 k's apart, I will ride until I want to rest for the night then repeat the next day.

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    I'm a noob, thanks a lot of the post!

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