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    Across Newfoundland by fatbike

    The Newfoundland T'Railway is a 900 km long linear provincial park created from the former railway line that ran from end-to-end of the province. I recently rode the entire length on a fatbike in ten days. The T'Railway is the playground of ATV's and snowmobiles - I hope to inspire more people to ride it.

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike-gopr0572.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike-cbn-009.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike-cbn-051.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike-cbn-059.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike-cbn-093.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike-cbn-116.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike-cbn-223.jpg

    Across Newfoundland by fatbike-cbn-271.jpg

    You can read more here: across newfoundland by fatbike | slow:biker

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    Nicely done.

    Thanks for the report! I live a very west-coast-centric life so it's great to see what's going down on Canada's other coast.
    Safe riding,


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    Thanks Vik. Each of us on islands, just on opposite ends of the same country. Maybe someday we'll meet in the middle for a trip.

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    Eastman, that was an awesome solo trip. I've encountered many bears(and beers) in NFLD, very surprised you didn't see any. I wonder is that an ATV benefit or is the bear population low?
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    Great little travelogue. Thanks for posting it.
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    Biggie - I saw bear scat in a few places between Deer Lake and Badger but that was it. Don't know how the bear population is doing but the moose population is thriving and I didn't see any of them, either.

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