<style type="text/css"> <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> </style> I ride a 26 GF, been riding this rig since 1999 and been living off it since 2004 just traveling around Europe. Unfortunately my GF is too small for me, and I have been wanting a Surly for a while now.

I got in to the Camp site here in Germany a bit late last night, and this morning when I got up the owners (Hansi) asked me if I wanted to buy his rig. He is also a Super Clyde like me. His wife was just diagnosed with some jacked up thing and they are not taking it to well and he says he will not ride anymore since his wife can not travel with him anymore.

The bike he wants to sell me is 4 months old new in the box (not even put together yet). It is from a firm called Bergamont, the model is Revox 5.3. 29er with a frame at 24/60cm. He told me 200 and I could have it.

I really want a new rig BUT...... I have some questions.

I know the firm fairly well from seeing other riders but that is it really. Bergamont makes low end cheap and high end expensive. That is about all I know.

I ride a 26, this is a 29. I have never been on a 29, I run packs front to back with a trailer weighed down pretty good. Would it handle this.

My rig only has 24 gears and this one has 30, will I gain or loose pulling up hills or just pulling in general?

It is just a few questions that are my main concern. I know the man well, we are not best of mates but have done about 10,000 kilometers together and I never once saw him ill towards someone. I did not ask what the rig cost new because that is none of my business, he showed me the police file where he had it registered in his name on the date of purchase at the local police station and the GPS tracking sensor is registered up in his name as well. Plus he was a cop, so I doubt this is stolen. He says it just needs to be gone, he is not trying to make money off it, he says it just hurts to see it there knowing he can not go out even though his wife tells him to go and not too worry.

I know the rig will fit me, I am only 270 at 6'7 but biggest thing is that transition over with all that weight and how I ride.

Just some advice would be cool, I am going to be here for 3 days so I have time to think on it.