Monaro Cloudride 1000 AUSTRALIA
Easter Saturday 4 April 2015
The Monaro Cloudride website has now been revised with some changes and polish put on the rules of engagement for 2015. Entries will open on 1 January 2015.
We are expecting a significant growth in our start list for 2015 and with that will come greater scrutiny of riders route compliance and expectations of rider observance of the established protocols for self supported bikepacking. As some of you may have observed there has been a lengthy debate on >>Forums>> Ultra Racing regarding the ‘spirit’ of riding in and committing to these events. With regard to the ‘rules’ for the Cloudride I have taken the view that less is better and have carefully chosen the words to reflect the intent that you are on your own out there. The decisions you make regarding navigation, resupply and distance ridden are your own and if you fail, fall short and or vary from the ride course you must take full and sole responsibility for your decisions. Your backup option is not the next rider who comes along or the nearby farmhouse. You accept, and ride on with the consequences of your decisions.
The Cloudride is a tough punishing ride interspersed with moments of joy, relief and triumph. Be prepared for it at the start, commit to finishing it and be rewarded with a great sense of personal achievement when you do finish.
I will look forward to seeing the entries come tumbling in from January 1. As you may have noted from the Cloudride Facebook page 22 year old Calvin Decker [2nd in this years Tour Divide] has already booked flights down to Australia for the Cloudride. Calvin is a remarkably strong committed rider who can confidently find his way around a course and churn through some serious kilometres in the process. I will look forward to seeing how he handles our Australian terrain.