My dilemma -

I ride everything from mind numbing XC (i have a 29er hardtail for this) through to big senders and tech DH.

I currently have a Alu SB66, it does me pretty well, i use it for everything (trail, big hills, Dh, messing about on some booters) apart from mind numbing xc, really fun bike, have a vivid air on it, really transformed the bike.

On the SB66 ive done 30ft doubles, 10ftish drop step downs, chased fast people on DH bikes down rough, tech, bumpy DH tracks. The bike generally rips and goes uphill like a champ. Manuals and jumps well too.

Im 5ft10, went with a small SB66 based on seated TT length being big enough and small being nimble and fun.

Questions in my mind are strength and stability when im really pushing it.

Decision is whether to diversify and have two bikes for what the SB66 does, a smaller trail bike and a DH bike or to stick to the one bike solution.

The one bike solution would either bump up to a medium carbon SB66, sizing adding stability, carbon adding strength or something like a banshee rune. Either option would have dedicated forks/wheels for trail or DH.

What are peoples opinions on this? I will be hammering whistler too for a couple of weeks next year.