I used to have a fuel ex8 , before that an ex7. While i enjoyed the plush ride it was never really neccessary. I havent rode in about 4 years but im looking to get back into it. I now live in middle tn where there is great urban amd trail riding . i always liked my 26" for the simple fact of quick turning and light wieght . right now im looking at the following components for the build. Any help would be great i want to keep the build around 6-700.

NaShbar 20" mtb frame - 100$
Trying to get reba forks used for around 200$ 100mm
Mt55 26" wheels white
Want to do a 1x9 or 1x10 crank havent decided yet on which one
Avid bb7 mechanical breaks
Need help on tire decisions and eveything else .