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    Upgrade or buy new?

    My wife has a 26" Medium frame Gary Fisher Sugar 3 that is a sweet ride but we bought it 12 years ago! She rides alot less now but as you can bet the rear and front shocks are shot! The bike is sweet and only weighs 29pounds (no disc though). It has XT components.

    Typically she is on easier trails now and no longer races bc of our kids. LBS quotes $700 to rebuild both rear and front shock, replace tires, cassette and chain. They did try steering her towards some new hard tails that were at the same price instead. But these add about 4 more pounds.

    It's a shame to get rid of this lighteight and great riding bike. Thoughts?

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    It's a cool bike, but times have changed. It's a 12 year old full suspension bike. How are the pivots doing? shock technology is much better now. replacment drivetrain parts will probably weigh more than the original ones. Plus, it's not disc.

    If you can sell it, I'd sell it. If you can tear into it and rebuild the suspension yourself, I'd do that too. It would probably be just as cheap, and better, to buy a new fork and rear shock. Otherwise, I'd have to go with a hardtail. If she's not racing, no need for a a superlight, but you can easily get a really good hardtail in the under $1300 range that'll be under 30lbs.

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    Don't spend $700 on all that, that's more than the bike is worth. Do it yourself or not at all. For chain, cassette, the labor is equivalent to the tools to do it yourself, and then you have the tools forever. Tires obviously you can do. Shocks are harder but many have a YouTube vid.

    I'd think you could find a sub 29 lb HT for $700 used. If you can sell the sugar for $300-$400 then you've got $1k for a good used HT.

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