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    Trying to buy my first rig! Need some help!

    I hope this goes here.
    Alright, lets see if I can nail this in a single post.

    I'm looking to pick up my first mountain bike and I guess I have a few questions. But mostly looking to get some feedback on a few bikes I've been looking at. I'm about 5'8", 140 lbs.

    What region of the country do I live in?
    I'm living in central coast California.
    Where do I plan to ride my new bike?
    Probably start off on the local mountain and branch out from there.
    Are there any YouTube videos of the trails I plan to ride?
    Probably, and I plan on researching the more advanced trails as I go along.
    How much time do I plan on devoting to this hobby?
    Coming up here soon, a whole bunch of time.
    What is my previous cycling experience?
    I was raised riding mostly road bikes. I've done some trail stuff but nothing serious.
    Have I participated in other hobbies, sports or activities that may give me relevant skills?
    Mostly cycling and a great deal of hiking.
    What are my mechanical abilities?
    I've been working on road bikes since I was a kid, so I'm fairly comfortable with bike components.
    Do I currently own a bike?
    I have two carbon fiber framed road bikes that my dad left me but no mountain bikes yet.
    Do I currently own a helmet, gloves, padded shorts, proper shoes, Cyclocomputer, Finish line bike wash, Finishline brush kit, shop rags, chain lube, chain stay protector (I like Shelter), Gloves, good socks, solid tire pressure gauge, floor tire pump, on trail tire pump or cartridges, shock pump, good three way hex, mufti tool, spare bottles, cages, backpack to put all your gear in?
    Short answer, no. A few things on the list I have like the shop rags, gloves, helmet, shorts, shoes, hex tools, padded shorts, but the rest I'll have to piece together.
    Why do I want to buy a new bike?
    I was watching some videos a while back covering the pro circuit and I fell in love. I wanna get into this in a bad kinda way.
    How much research have I already done and do I have an idea of what I want?
    I've been doing most of my reading on this forum. I'm sure most of you guys would prefer someone who does all the homework and makes a very serious decision. I'm just not like that. I understand a few key things I'm looking for in my first bike. Such as frame size, brake type, and from what I can gather I'm leaning towards a geared fs as my first bike. Other than that I want to get my first bike, go hit some trails and learn as I go.
    Do I have friends who are into the hobby? What's their mechanical and riding experience?
    I do not.
    What kind of bikes do my riding buddies ride?
    What kind of bikes do I see on the trails I plan to ride? (Full suspension, hardtail, rigid, single speed, geared)
    I have no idea. I honestly don't know anyone in my area who has a serious mountain bike.
    Can I really afford this hobby? Are my credit cards paid off? Do I have savings in the bank and money to burn?
    Probably not. My card is maxed and I'm about to go on unemployment. So no. Haha.
    How much money do I want to spend on this hobby over the next year?
    Maybe a few grand fixing up a used bike I pick up off craigslist.
    What am I trying to accomplish by participating in this hobby?

    So far I've found

    Giant Warp
    Giant Boulder MTB
    Blue North Face Yavapai
    2008 Trek Jack
    Trek 4100
    Next MB
    Green Trek 4100
    Jamis Dakota AL

    Thank you all for any feedback/help with my first mountain bike purchase. I've also been looking at the nashbar website for a good bike. But any help is much appreciated.
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    So far on your list the giant boulder would be my pick, forget the wasp.

    I'd look for Cannondale Rush, or Prophet there are quite a few deals out there on CL I picked up quite a few over the years for fellow riders. You can find one with lefty fork for as low as $700. Rush is more XC and Prophet is more AM trail riding.

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    I agree with mimi1885, but I probably wouldn't go with any of them. The boulder is slightly heavy compared to a Specialized Hardrock. The cannondale's are very nice just be sure you can still readily get parts for the propriety suspension if you do decide on them. The Trek is an ok choice, but the Giant Boulder is a better value (the warp is a sloppy pig). I would stay clear of department store bikes or brands that aren't current. A little research and luck and you could be riding a sweet rig for very little money.

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    2012 Trek X-cal w/ Upgrades
    Start with 29.
    Test ride for fit and talk this guy to 8 cash or walk. It has the fork and brakes and geo for long term. You would want to add wheels and tires as an upgrade down the line.

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    My advice, if you really do plan on dropping a few grand over the next year, yes you said a few grand right?, then I would go I to the bike shop and test ride some entry level hard tails to get your size down. After that, look for a used bike like those that you test rode or just buy one from the shop. Ride, research and save up your money. After a season or two you will know a LOT more about what you really want and need for your local trails. That few grand you plan on spending will be much, much better spent.

    You might find out that an entry level bike with a few upgrades of a couple hundred is all you need. Or, you might realize that you do want to drop $2500+ on a nicer bike. It would never hurt to have the old hard tail as a back up or loaner bike. You could also sell it to help fund the next bike purchase.

    But, none of those bikes you've listed are worth putting a few grand into. Not even close. Maybe a few hundred, if that. Don't be the guy driving around in a $1500 beat up pontiac with $3000 wheels.

    That is my advice.

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    stay clear of Gt, problems with swing arms breaking and lots,oficreaking suspension that requiared maintance, and the warranty 3 YEARS

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