Looking for a bike I can ride a little bit around town and on x/c trails, but mainly take to the mountains and downhill. I am new to mtn biking, but have been renting for the last few years.

I rented a Warp DS-1 and liked it and set my budget about its level, it seemed to suck up stuff well. but for not much more I can get a left over '03 K2 Tirade 4.0 (which also has Avid discs) and for a few hundred more I can get a '03 AC-2.

I am not worried about the uphill on any of these, if I'm peddling, I'm looking for a workout anyway. I have heard bad things about the Psylo on the AC-2, but the 8" Hayes seem like a real selling point. And I assume its still a huge upgrade over the Warp.

Is there a clear winner? The leftovers are out of my budget but seem liek better deals and maybe be more durable?

Sorry for the newB question.