I'm on the verge of purchasing a Salsa Vaya but want to see what others think of their own bike sizing, and just double check my size thoughts.

I'm 5'6", with an inseam of 29". I currently have a carbon race bike with a ETT of 530mm and a 115mm stem. My thoughts are that I could get the 54cm Vaya (which has a ETT of 540 mm) and run it with say an 80mm stem, or get the 52cm (ETT 525) and run it with a 120mm stem. I feel like im sort of in the middle of these two sizes. I realise I want to be slightly more relaxed on the Vaya as it is more for touring/commuting.

What do you think of your own frame sizing? Are you happy with it? what words of wisdom could you impart to me?


PS: ..and before you tell me to test ride one, I dont live remotely close to anywhere that sells them.