Im in need of some advice. I currently ride mainly xc/trail , I have a norco faze 3 09 with a tora 289 80-130 on the front and a fox rp2 on the back. Over the last two years my confidence has increased a lot, I love quick single track and technical decents! But I feel the front end is letting the bike down now, it feels very flexy in the rock gardens and on the roots, on the whole the tora has served me well (although I have never been able to extract the full travel but i put that down to the fact in only 10st wet through) bottom line, I need something lighter, stiffer, better ! After a lot of thought ive decied to go for a 15mm axle on the front (heard good things) to add stiffness, now the tricky bit :-( what fork to buy ??? I have a budget of 300 (times are hard) and its boiled down to these two : 1) 2009 fox 32 f120rl 300 rrp 700
2) 2013 rockshox reba rl 300 rrp 500
Both are brand new although the fox isnt boxed and have the 15mm axle option. I realise both of these are miles better than what I currently have but I really can't decide what to go for, its literally driving me crazy. My heart says the fox but my head says Rs. If u have anything to say bout the matter or have riden either of the forks please fire away !