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    Straight 1 1/8 Fork on a Tapered Frame?

    Hello all!

    I currently have a cheap, hard tail Trek frame with a 1 1/8 head tube. I want to buy a full suspension frame and transfer all my components from my current frame.

    My fork (Reba RLT 26") is a straight 1 1/8 fork. However, most of the new frames that I see on the market have a tapered head tube.

    Based on my search, it seems that it may be possible to use my current fork on a tapered head tube- but I couldn't find any specifics.

    Can you guys please help me understand how I can fit my straight 1 1/8 fork on a tapered frame, if it is even possible to begin with?

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    All you need to do is get a crown race that adapts the bottom (1 1/8) to 1 1/2 to match the bigger bottom half of the headset.
    It's simple.
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    It should just be as simple as this: FSA Integrated Crown Race Reducer > Components > Headsets and Spacers > Headsets | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop I haven't used one myself but it looks pretty straight forward, it would definitely be worth looking into. It may only work with a specific headset.

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    I use the cane creek finder whenever I start looking for headsets--very useful. While just for CC, you can figure what versions of other brands to use also. Just match the inner diameters for the top and bottom cups.

    I have 1 1/8 forks on a couple of tapered 44/49 bikes, using the two types of Cane Creek HSs--ZS44:EC49/40 with a adapter crown race, and a ZS44:ZS49/30 with a 1 1/8 crown race. Both work fine. Going with an EC bottom would allow you to use a tapered fork in the future (just use a different race), but I purposely installed a ZS bottom on a bike just to have front a little lower as compared to using an EC.
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    Thanks for the help guys! Glad to know that I am not limited in the frame selection based on my fork.

    Now I need to start researching on a good frame.
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