Hi guys!

I am a new member of this forums, long time lurker, and hoping somebody can help me with my concern.

I have been biking for more than 3 years now, mainly concentrated on XC and am now in my 3rd XC MTB (with a folder on the side for daily commutes). I have always wanted to go more aggressive but not too much so AM is probably the discipline I am looking into.

Budget is tight so I thought I can get away with modifying my current bike to gain more confidence in handling more difficult trails. My current bike is as follows:

  • Merida Big 7, all stock except for the following:
    • Handlebar: 730mm wide, 0 rise
    • Stem: 50mm
    • Drivetrain: Full SLX
    • Grips: Controltech foam grips

Now, my main concern is that my bike's HT angle is at 70.5deg in a 100mm fork. I am looking into slackening the angle a bit and my options are:

1. Change to 120mm fork, mainly for the 1" slack it will provide
2. Installing a slackset.

My questions then are:

1. Will my bike be able to take a slackset, say an On-One slackset? Can anybody suggest how to check compatibility?
2. Is doing both options 1 and 2 (slackset + 120mm fork) a good idea for my bike (breakage issues)?
3. What are the implications of the 2" slack I am deducting from my HT angle?

Thank you in advance!