So I have an old DS Schwinn that I'd like to replace with a modern HT bike. I don't plan on doing too much hardcore riding on trails. I'm thinking mostly light to moderate trails here in San Diego and street/beach riding.

I stumbled across Forge bikes which seem to be an amazing value for the quality. I can't tell the difference too much on the website of Forge between the two bikes besides the obvious rake of frames and number of speeds. Only a $10 difference, so I just want to know which one will suit me best. I'm 5'6" and 160 lbs.

I like the look of the more aggressive Edgmont better. The Saranc looks like it may be more comfortable on 5-10 mile rides around the bay my wife and I like to do. I used to race motocross, so I do like to hit some hard trails once in a while.

Basically I'm wondering if the Edgmont will be comfortable enough for an hour or two on road and if Saranc will be able to handle the occasional aggressive off road trail? I know that's quite a compromise, but I can't tell by site how weighted each bike is for either road or trail.

If anybody has either of these bikes, please let me know your honest opinion of them!

Thanks for any advice!