Sette Serum Hardtail

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  • 10-18-2010
    Sette Serum Hardtail
    Hey All,

    I am currently riding a Trek Fuel EX8 and while I think it is a great bike I am looking at adding a hard tail back into the mix. I recently moved to Charlotte, NC area and there are some fun trials here that I think a hard tail would really excel on. Has any of you looked at or purchased the new Sette Serum Hard Tail? I know they are through Pricepoint but they seem great. When I google the bike nobody has really ridden it yet. With Mountain Bike Action and a couple of other area's on the web saying they may really start taking off I am thinking about getting one before they really jump in price. What is everyones thoughts on this line of bicycles and also what other hard tails have you purchased?
  • 01-07-2011
    The new Sette Serum bikes are awesome. They have improved the spec compared to Phantom hardtail they had in the past. It was light, but to work good you had to change out most of the components. The new Serum (same frame) is build with a solid Shimano platform as well as a FOX fork vs. the old RockShox junk. I'd suggest before you spend a dollar on another brand to seriously look at purchasing a Sette Serum bike...Not the Sette of years past which were JUNK. Hope this helps
  • 01-24-2011
    Anymore updates on this. Im currently riding a Trek TopFuel 9.8 and want to add a hardtail to the arsenal. Im not really wanting to throw down a huge chuck of cash for my secondary bike, so this looks like a good option. I do most of my mechanic and maintenance work.