Hey guys not new to bikes just mountain. Ive done a lot of BMX dirtjumping and racing in the past and took the last 5 years off. Looking into getting back into biking but this time mountain and the hardtrails look like the best for me. I dont have a lot of cash and was really hoping to stick around 300 bucks but 500 is doable. Ive dealt with a lot of specialized in the past and was looking at the

09 hardrock for 325,
09 P1 all mountain for 530,
cannonsdale f7 for 400,
09 diamondback sorrento for 280,
09 diamondback response sport for 310 and 410.

Im going to ride mostly road and dirt/crushed limestone trails but would like to have the ability to venture into the woods without wrecking the bike. im 6'1" and 180lbs and am not sure exactly what i need or how much i should spend any help is greatly appreciated