Hi All,
Im currently debating which of these two bikes to go for.



Ive never had a Full susser before and currently ride a 22lb scandium framed Kona hardtail

I ride mainly cross country, dont do any significant jumps, and frequent the trail centres at bedgebury, leith hill in surrey and have been to glentress a few times.

My priority is for a light bike, some thing which im not going to regret having to ride up hills. The scott at 24lbs will fulfill the weight requirement.
Im a but confused about the benefits/ disadvantages of the different suspension designs, and having watched ellsworths videos of the benefits of their ICT design, im a bit reluctant to go for another brand. I dont know if the ellsworth ICT is really the holy grail as they make out, or just clever marketing.

Id be keen to hear from anyone who has ridden both, and anyone who owns a spark as to how it climbs.
I realise the spark has the option of locking out the suspension from the handlebar, but then you lose the benefits of the extra traction when climbing that the rear suspension gives you.

I do have the oppurtunity to try an ellsworth off road, but not the scott. The issue is Im limited for time as the scott im interested in is end of line, so i have to make up my mind fairly quickly.