• 08-23-2008
    Scott Scale 35 Alu Large vs 30 Carbon Medium ?
    Hello guys,

    I'm desperate to choose. Actually, I'd really love to have a carbon HT, but they're now only available in Medium size. And 35 is also available in Large, has a better equipment (but I know that it's not that important) and it's aluminum... as I'm not quiet sure about carbon vs aluminum stuff.. yet.. but most of all, I'm not sure about Large vs Medium issue. Otherwise they're almost similarly priced.

    I'm 178 cm (5'10") with 85 cm inseam, normal stature with about 80 kg... and was previously riding Ellsworth Truth 2005 18.5" Medium with 110mm stem. It was kinda fit.

    I'm not a racer, but I generally prefer "stunty", aggressive riding style with most control I could get from the bike, though I want comfort for some long runs either.


    PS: I will try to find some locally to actually sit and try, but before I want to hear your thoughts.
  • 08-23-2008
    I am pretty sure the medium would be too small. The other issue of the carbon versus aluminum could be a problem with your riding style. Carbon hard tailframes were meant for xc riding and racing which means generally smooth trails and dirt roads. As mentioned the aluminum frame has better components. I think it would hold up better.
  • 08-23-2008

    Originally Posted by borregokid
    I think it would hold up better.

    Thank you, perfect sum up - this is what I wanted to hear.